Sale of commercial property

The acquisition of and investment in commercial property and premises involves significant sums, and at Malling & Co Corporate Real Estate we know that good advice is of great value to our clients.

We therefore offer transactions advice to institutional and private investors, both in Norway and abroad.

If our extensive experience has taught us one thing, it’s that a good real estate broker must maintain a good overview and the ability to see the overall situation from the client’s perspective – while simultaneously being able to act at detail level during the execution of the transaction. Because all property projects are different, this requires the broker to posses thorough knowledge of various topics relating to taxes and fees, accounting and law. 

Our deep understanding of the discipline and process, our large industry network within commercial property and our close collaboration with our analysis department enable us to give our clients the very best grounds on which to make their decisions. We have completed many large, complex assignments for our clients, and in their execution have made use of the full breadth of competence found throughout Eiendomshuset Malling & Co.

In recent years alone, Malling & Co Corporate Real Estate has advised clients on acquisitions and sales of commercial property and premises comprising a total volume of around ten billion Norwegian kroner.

What can we offer? We provide our clients with assistance and advice regarding property sales by:

  • Acting as a sparring partner in important decision-making processes
  • Obtaining up-to-date market information to support decision-making processes
  • Clarifying the sales process and preparing sales materials/brochures
  • Marketing the property to potential investors
  • Facilitating the bidding process
  • Executing contract negotiations through to completion of the transaction



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