Our REV-certified valuers now work for several of the largest property market participants in Norway on a permanent basis. The REV certification is issued by Norges Takseringsforbund, and is our mark of quality and assurance that our reports adhere to the standards expected by Eiendomshuset Malling & Co’s clients.

We value all types of commercial properties, portfolios and larger residential development projects. We only use recognised and standardised methods in our valuations and when undertaking assignments. The combination of broad market knowledge from our analysis department and experience figures from our management team ensures a market-specific and verifiable approach.

In addition to standard formats, we also supply bespoke reports for our clients, depending on objectives and needs. Our valuers are also often used as sparring partners in decision-making processes that will affect the property’s value. The products we supply therefore range from ordinary valuations for transaction, reporting or financing purposes, to valuations with scenario analyses using a variety of conditions and larger strategic valuations of individual properties or portfolios.

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