Consultancy and analysis

The Malling & Co analysis department ensures that our clients receive advice based on our extensive knowledge of and insight into the market, viewed in the context of macroeconomic conditions in Norway and the rest of the world. Our close collaboration with our international partner, Savills, ensures that our analysis team is also able to view the Norwegian property market in an international context. 

Our ambition is to be the best analysis team in the country – by thinking differently and maintaining constant focus on getting as much out of the information we have access to as possible. Access to information is key – and with a large organisation operating throughout the entire commercial property value chain to support us, we are stronger than many of our competitors when it comes to insight, statistics and figures. Our analysis department also offers standardised reports free of charge, and bespoke analyses for a fee. 

The Malling analysis team publishes bi-annual market reports, which provide regular updates on developments in the commercial property markets in Greater Oslo, Drammen and the Stavanger region. The reports feature details of the latest market developments, and also comment on expected market developments over the coming six months.  

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With high standards for appointment to our analysis department, we ensure our specialist team is well-equipped to undertake assignments specific to each individual client. Sometimes we are hired to provide advice; others to quality assure decisions that are in process or which have already been made. 

Malling & Co Research and Valuation AS has been established as a separate company within the Malling & Co group, to ensure that we remain an impartial advisor to our clients. In addition to valuations and rent assessments, our typical services include area analyses, feasibility studies and input for various tenancy agreement models. We also perform larger, complex analyses that cover several of the products we offer, and act as a strategic sparring partner for our clients over time.

At Malling & Co, we have chosen to combine valuation and analysis within the same company, although the valuation department is a dedicated sub-department of the analysis team. Valuations are therefore performed by a specialist team with expert competence. You can read more about valuations here. Should you have any questions regarding the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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